A Concrete Boom Pump Can Help Your Business In A Number Of Ways

Traditional concrete pouring methods were extremely labor-intensive. Although the concrete was often mixed in a truck, workers still had to manually haul it around the job site. Since wet concrete is so heavy, this required a tremendous amount of effort. As you can imagine, this took a major toll on workers, leaving them sore and exhausted after a long day at work. But concrete boom pump is a good solution to this problem.

The introduction of concrete pumps(equipos de bombeo) made the process of pouring concrete a lot easier. Although these pumps come in a variety of different styles, concrete boom pumps are some of the most popular. These pumps make pouring concrete faster, easier, and far less labor-intensive than in the past. This can benefit your business in a number of ways.

Concrete Boom Pump For Sale
Concrete Boom Pump For Sale

Concrete boom pumps are extremely mobile since they are mounted on trucks. That means that they can be taken from one job site to another with ease, providing a lot of versatility in terms of how and where they can be used.

They consist of a large, folding boom with a special pipe attached to it. When the arm is extended, a pump can be used to force concrete through the pipe, delivering it along the entire length of the boom. Workers at the other end of the boom can then direct the flow of the concrete into the waiting forms, making the process of pouring concrete extremely fast and efficient.

One of the biggest benefits of concrete boom pumps(plumas de concreto) is that they can not only move concrete horizontally but they can also move it vertically. This makes them one of the most popular options for working on multistory buildings. Instead of having to haul heavy concrete manually to the upper floors of a building, it can be pumped there, saving a tremendous amount of work.

Using one of these pumps leads to much faster production times, allowing you to complete jobs more quickly. These pumps are capable of moving concrete much faster than workers could by hand. That means that the work gets done in a lot less time.

They also take the strain out of pouring concrete. Using a pump is much easier on workers. Instead of having to strain their bodies carrying extremely heavy loads, they just have to position the boom in the proper location. By minimizing the amount of physical labor( trabajo fĂ­sico ) involved in the process, these pumps reduce the risk of injuries related to heavy lifting.

18m Concrete Boom Pump
18m Concrete Boom Pump

If you work on projects that involve concrete on a regular basis, a concrete boom pump could benefit your business in many different ways. Along with making work easier for your employees, one of these pumps could also help you complete your projects faster. The versatile design of these pumps allows them to be used in a number of different situations, providing a lot of flexibility in terms of the types of projects that you can take on.

If you haven’t already, it is worth reaching out to a manufacturer to discuss the pumps that they have available. With their expert guidance, you should be able to find a pump that will work well for the specific needs of your company. Get a free inquiry: https://aimixgrupo.com.mx

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